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DMALA Report - 3/12/13.

On my recent trip to Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to attend the monthly Digital Media Artists of Los Angeles meeting with my good friend and fellow VS grad, Sally Lok

The evening's featured speaker was VFX Master Andrew Kramer of VideoCopilot, who gave us a sneak preview of the next build of Element 3D, his particle based After Effects plug-in that's taken the industry by storm. 

He was pretty hush-hush on new features, but revealed that the next update will include feature like unified rendering, shadows and a channel viewer. But the demo he showed us of the new City Pack really proved the power and depth of features of E-3D. Designing and modifying city blocks with skyscrapers without leaving After Effects is really mindboggling, and drew many oohs and ahs from the audience.

Not that it will ever replace Cinema 4D (especially with Adobe's growing integration of Cinema 4D into After Effect's workflow) but it's ease of use is definitely a plus, along with it's extensive library of ready-made 3D objects. 

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